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Hot Foil Printer for Cables

The WS944NR incorporates an Allen-Bradley digital servo drive with touch-screen controls. Its new design geometry provides reduced shipping volume while at the same time giving improved access for maintenance. All welded construction keeps it in line with White and Street's reputation for robust and rigid machines, qualities which are essential for stability in high speed cable printing operations.

A reliable closed loop digital temperature control system is provided as standard. Also provided as standard is the 'NR' number reset facility which enables the sequential marker to be reset to zero on the fly.

Click for Bigger PictureThe operation of the touch screen control panel is intuitive and easily learned.

The WS944NR printer is supplied with print wheels of 2 foot and 1 metre circumference. The wheels are complete with an appropriate 5 digit progressive numbering head, which can be reset to zero either at the command of the pre-determining counter, or manually, by the press of a button.

Click for Bigger PictureThe dual drive foil feed system can be built to accommodate any size of bobbin or foil pack.

A low foil warning enables the reserve foil feed to be brought into operation before the working feed runs out, thus ensuring continuity of marking.

A venturi driven accumulator maintains a loop of foil supported on an updraft of air. Foil take-up is snatch free, and foil breakages are all but eliminated.

Another venturi is used to take off the used foil and pass it to a filtered twin bag collection unit. As one bag fills, a hand lever throw valve diverts the used foil to the empty bag.

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WS944NR | WS933 | WS932 | WS429 | WS469 | WS550 | WS950 | WS999 | WS955


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