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Rotary Plastic Pipe and Tube Saw Machines

The White and Street Roller Tube Cutter is designed for rapid cutting of tubes in the range of 25mm to 500mm diameter, in thermoplastics and other materials.

It works by using a comparatively small diameter saw blade to cut through the wall of a rotating tube.

The tube is supported on a pair of rigid, rubber-covered driven rolls. A set of idler rolls is brought down by a hand lever to clamp the tube. A pressure switch starts the driven rolls, and allows a second lever to be lifted, raising the saw to cut the tube.

A particular feature of the design is the attention to safety. The machine is fully guarded, and cannot be operated unless the guard is in position. There are two further important safety features in the design. One is that both the operator's hands are engaged throughout the cutting operation, and the other is that the saw descends into a total enclosure. The saw cannot be lifted until the rollers are rotating, and without a tube in the machine the pressure switch cannot operate.

Click for Bigger PictureCutting times are fast, as shown in the table below.

Adjusting the rolls for different diameters is quick, typically inside 30 seconds for small sizes, and no more than two minutes to move from the minimum to the maximum. The only other adjustment required is setting the length stop.

The machine is fitted with a fused isolator switch for the main power, and totally enclosed motor contactors with overload protection for both the saw motor and the geared motor driving the rolls.

The WS550 is precision built to ensure a square cut, and is of very robust construction to cope with large heavy wall pipes. A fine quality cut is produced by a long life tungsten carbide tipped saw. It is of 280mm diameter, and is powered by a 2 HP motor. A saw guard deflects swarf into a base collector, and is designed so that it can be readily connected to a dust extractor.

Typical Cutting Times
50 x 4mm PVC, PEH, ABS within 2 seconds
110 x 9mm PVC, PEH, ABS within 2.5 seconds
160 x 6mm PVC, PEH, ABS within 3 seconds
315 x 10mm PVC, PEH, ABS within 6 seconds
325 x 20mm PVC, PEH, ABS within 12 seconds
315 x 13mm PVC, PEH, ABS within 9 seconds
500 x 10mm PVC, PEH within 22 seconds
500 x 20mm PVC, PEH within 44 seconds

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