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Hot Foil Pipe and Cable Printer

The WS469 is the smaller of White and Street's extrusion marking machines, and it can be built in a number of configurations.

The normal marking interval is 1 metre, and where progressive numbering heads are fitted, resetting to zero may be automatic (NR) or by hand lever (HLR). Support rolls can be provided with vee or formed grooves for any extrusion diameter up to 160mm (6 inches) diameter. It can have single or twin foil let-offs, with or without low foil warning. The Venturi Foil Tensioner reduces snatch in the take up of foil, absorbs over run, and virtually eliminates foil breakages.

The WS469 is often configured for underside printing, usually paired with a second unit for topside printing on the same extrusion.

Whatever the variant, the WS469 is always of solid, welded construction providing rigidity and stability during marking.

It is maintenance free, and the only routine service is the cleaning and lubrication of the numbering head, and the cleaning of the venturi valves in the foil tensioner and the used foil take off.

The Marking Head assembly, which includes the print and friction wheels and the foil let-offs, is raised or lowered by an air cylinder controlled by a hand operated valve. Marking Pressure is adjusted by means of a screw knob.

In the WS469NR, the Pre-Determined Counter will automatically reset the numbering head to zero during printing operations, or it may be reset manually by using the Reset Button on the control panel.

A Venturi Foil Tensioner keeps the in-fed foil under control, and takes up the over-run. It reduces the probability of foil breaks, and optimises foil economy.

The Venturi Used Foil take-Off collects the used foil, and directs it into a Used Foil Collection Bag. The Used Foil Collector Unit is fitted with a 12" x 12" bucket type filter/exhauster.

The support guide rolls run on sealed bearings so no maintenance is required. Rolls may be vee grooved or formed as required.

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